the power hour

Providing an opportunity to actually take a lunchtime. A break from your working day, away from the screens, away from the phone, the site, customers, clients, the hustle. A chance to disconnect & reconnect.

The 1hr session will consist of movement, cold water exposure, fire pit warm up & a nutrition fuelled lunch.

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the benefits:

Elevates Mood and Reduces Stress
Improves Cardiovascular Health
Enhances Mental Resilience
provides a healthier nutritional packed lunch

Power Hour subscription


  • SAVE OVER 30%
  • Guaranteed place for every session 
  • Priority access to future offers

WED 24TH APRIL - 12.30PM-1.30PM


WED 8TH MAY - 12.30PM-1.30PM


WED 22ND MAY - 12.30PM-1.30PM


WED 5TH JUNE - 12.30PM-1.30PM


WED 19TH JUNE - 12.30PM-1.30PM


WED 26TH JUNE - 12.30PM-1.30PM


"You feel awesome for the rest of the day with a glow about you. A great way of getting out there seeing nature and getting fit at the same time. A cracking start to the day"