Corporate Packages

Gone are the days when end of week drinks down the pub suited every business and every employees values and life style. Now both want something more beneficial and with long term benefits to either reward their team or bring them closer together.

Vs Life is here for that. 

 "Your Brand Vs Life" can be created as a one off activity or regular company sessions.

Be it end of week blowing off steam in the sauna or perhaps a weekly session to get everyone motivate and awake before work. We even offer corporate sponsored 1:1 sessions to offer than additional support for your team.

Vs Life can tailor a package to suit you. Reach out to discuss your goals and how we can tailor a package for you.

"its unbelievable, highly recomend it to anyone"

"gets the stress out, sets you up for the week ahead"

'House Buy Fast' team - Worthing, West Sussex


tailored packages to suit your brand and values
support and material for your team
Exclusive sessions for your company