AM Accountability Club

Holistic Fitness at the break of dawn. An opportunity to start your day by moving your body, connecting with the environment and others, all striving to survive and thriving as a result. It's immersive, it's somewhat unpredictable and it will test you both physically and mentally.

The session consists of approx 5k jog, through areas of natural beauty and historic landmarks. You will then undertake strength based circuit training, accompanied by stretching, breath work and grounding. We will then enter into wild water and undergo cold water exposure. We end with our ritual VS LIFE warm down technique and finish with a hot brew (courtesy of the edge coffee and tea company) and a homemade healthy protein packed breakfast bite.

the benefits:

Boosts Circulation and Immunity
Elevates Mood and Reduces Stress
Improves Cardiovascular Health
Enhances Mental Resilience

One off Session


4 for 3 Offer

(monthly membership offer)


Weekly payment plan available on request

8 for 6 offer



Weekly payment plan available on request

"You feel awesome for the rest of the day with a glow about you. A great way of getting out there seeing nature and getting fit at the same time. A cracking start to the day"