About Vs Tyler Slade

I can't explain what Vs Life is without telling you about who I am. I'm Tyler Slade.

Foremost I'm a father and husband.

I strongly believe that mental and physical fitness go hand in hand. To me this balance is fundamental for my health and wellbeing as well as being there and showing up for those that are important to me.

Almost 8 years ago I was on the edge of taking my own life. It was a cry for help. I had a stark realization that the only person who could really save me, was me. That's not to say that there isn't support & help out there, I took it step by step, first by being vulnerable & letting down the mask, then taking action towards change...

Now with 6 years+ experience working with thousands of people to facilitate, help, support and guide them to a healthier, happier life.

Qualifications I hold include:

  • Advanced MI (Motivational Interviewing) practitioner
  • Certificated CBT trained
  • Level 4 Nutrition Diploma
  • Fully trained in Mental Health First Aid and First Aid
  • Sports Therapy diploma

About Vs Life

From mental health & emotional support, weight management, increase in physical activity, stopping smoking, alcohol reduction, stress management, positive mindset and more. VS Life exists to offer a holistic fitness approach to all, no matter background, experience or capability.